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Saturday, August 26, 2006


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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Lots of interest in Sunaba, a band frankly I don't know much about. I just happened to catch them when I was recording Ikaten one night. A little digging produced this ad from the Shibuya record store Disk Union.

They were a Kansai band. They had a cassette (self-produced?) titled "Karana Karada." And the Disk Union folk found them charming.

Here's the YouTube clip:

The Kansai subculture dictionary provides some more context. They were from Kobe. Singer/guitarist Mari Hamada (not to be confused with the pop star with the same name) participated in the モダンチョキチョキズ (The Modern Choki Chokis) and is now apparently a well-known actress.

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A little bit of interest has been generated by my Chu-Doku YouTube upload. Here is an ad for their 1990 album, Happy City.

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