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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Elsie Houston in Boston 

During August 1942, Elsie Houston sang at the Satire Room in the Hotel Fensgate (534 Beacon St). The Satire Room was a tiny 45 seat dinner and dancing club that had a reputation for being phenomenally expensive. Also on the bill were magician Harry Baker and singer Nora Sheridan [who had appeared with EH at Le Ruban Bleu in 1939 singing risque novelties]. Billboard Magazine (August 15, 1942) had the following to say:
Elsie Houston, singer of sophisticated songs, is the highlight of the show. She sings in many tongues, shifting from French to Spanish to Portuguese with ease. She is very individualistic and has a wide vocal range, plus perfect control. She was asked to encore, but begged off. [Neil Phillips accompanied on piano].
The August 29 issue of Billboard reports she has been "held over."

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