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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lions to Stalk Fake Giraffe 

Lions to Stalk Fake Giraffe

The attack-a-giraffe game is part of the zoo’s ongoing animal enrichment program, which engages zoo animals in activities that stimulate them mentally and physically. Keepers design enrichment activities to elicit natural behaviors from the animals. In this case, keepers and volunteers hope that the hand-made giraffe will prompt the lions to stalk and bring down this play-prey creature.

Zoo volunteers created the giraffe and worked with staff to make it more tantalizing by stuffing it with bones and sprinkling it with the scent of the lions’ natural prey. The zoo’s adult lioness and her two female cubs will form the hunting party sent out to tackle the seven-foot-tall fake giraffe.
(North Carolina Zoological Society)

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