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Monday, May 16, 2005

More Elsie Houston discoveries 

Thanks to Daniella Thompson for correcting me on some points and tipping me off to some tantalizing resources out there. Look for annotated annotations in the near future.
Also, did a little Library of Congress digging and found some radio broadcasts and 78s in their collection.

Elsie Houston on the radio.

Jan 6 1938
The Rudy Vallee show
8:00 NBC Red Network
With Tommy Riggs, J.B. Priestly, Sybil Thorndyke, Sugarfoor & Sassafrass.

November 6 1940
Pan American Fiesta
9:35 pm: NBC Blue
(Misspelled "Huston")

June 5 1942
June 19 1942
July 3 1942
July 17 1942
Songs by Elsie Houston
6:45 NBC White
Not clear what this is, whether it was one segment repeated four times, or four separate fifteen minute shows.

Feb 11 1943 (Nine days before her death)
Music of the new world/Songs of romanticism and sentimentality
11:30 pm NBC
with Margaret Daum, Fred Hufsmith, Phil Duey, Frank Black

78 Recordings

Liberty Music Shop L232 Fado (Portuguese love song) ; Jongo (Brazilian magic song)

Victor 13667 Foi n'uma noite calmosa (Night of dreams, o night of fancy) (No. 5 modinha carioca,"Song of Rio") ; Bahia (Carateristica) ; Dansa de caboclo (The frog song)

Victor 13668 Benedicto pretinho (A little piccaninny) ; Bia-ta-t ; Berimbau (Amazon legend)

Victor 13669 Tres potos de santo (Brazilian magic themes): Chario; Aruanda; Estrella do Mar ; Tayras; Bambalel

Dear Bob,
You did an amazing work about Elsie Houston! I'm writing a story (retro-SF, of course) which take place in old Rio de Janeiro (early 1930's) and I think that Elsie could be make a cameo as Anita Malfatti's friend.
My English isn't exactly good, but I'm the keeper of the Brazilian Portuguese-English electronic dictionary at www.freelang.net. It's very simple, but it help me to improve my vocabulary :)
Feel free to write me (in spite of I don't have really much free time)...
Retro-SF and Elsie Houston. Very cool (and oddly appropriate, I think).
Also, thanks for the freelang.net link; perhaps it will help me with my Portuguese!
Hi Robert,
I just purchased the Liberty Music Shop 78 of Jongo & Fado from Norbeck, Peters and Ford Records in Vermont.

...and I just learned about the unpublished 2.5 hours of Elsie's NBC programs at the LOC. I spoke with a guy there who said it would cost around $300 to get copies thru the LOC, assuming NBC would give the rights.

Anybody else interested?
J B Roth, Florida
Hi Robert.
Did you know that Marston Records is going to issue an Elsie Houston CD.

This is part of the email they sent me: "...Yes, Marston will be issuing one CD of Elsie Houston. This will include some unpublished material (Liberty Records ad De Falla songs) and material..."

It should be a beauty of a CD. Their quality is usually excellent.

Ben Roth,
I just talked with someone at Marston and I am very encouraged. This is likely to be a lovely release. More to come.
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