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Monday, July 10, 2006

Underground Art Mall Dream 

Last night I dreamed I discovered an underground art mall. The entrance was literally underground and required a password (which my wife happened to have), but opened onto a green field, like an open air art fair. And sometimes the art mall was a bookstore, with shelves lined with cheap and interesting art books.

The odd thing: there was music playing and I really liked it. And I decided it was Neutral Milk Hotel, though I didn't recognize the lyrics. I woke up with a bass riff in my head. Then I listened to Aeroplane for the first time in over a year. Sure enough, the bass riff corresponded perfectly with the chord changes on the first song on the album. The words were different, though. My dream chorus went "Oh Narrator..."

I finally decided the dream comprised the following place images: Chuck E. Cheese's tube structure (underground entrance), Newton Free Library (art books), Old Town San Diego (open art fair). And the first time I heard Aeroplane was once while I browsed the racks at Newbury Comics.

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