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Monday, November 26, 2007

Dorothy Kilgallen on Elsie Houston 

EH was mentioned in Dorothy Kilgallen's Broadway gossip column at least three times. Each mention is enlightening.

1940, November 15. "Elsie Houston, the Rainbow Room singer, is so psychic it is embassarring (sic) to her. She can read people's minds, and although she tries not to, she frequently finds herself blushing."

1942, March 25. "Elsie Houston, the Brazilian soprano and her husband had an unpleasant encounter with the police in Charleston, N.C. last week--they were speaking French and an officer picked them up as 'spies.' Payoff is that Elsie, who is half-American, is a descendant of the famous American Sam Houston."

1943, March 3. "Friends prevented Elsie Houston from throwing herself out of a window only a week before she killed herself with a sleeping potion. She had two motives, intimates said--she was heavily in debt and had quarreled with her beloved."

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