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Monday, November 19, 2007

Elsie Houston tracks at Instituto Moreira Salles 

A heathly sample of Elsie Houston 78s are available for a listen at Instituto Moreira Salles. Just enter "elsie houston" into the search box. The site retrieves 20 hits in the "musica" category, but alas, some are just duplicate copies of the same record. Nevertheless, if you have not found a copy of Elsie Houston: A Feminilidade do Canto,
now you have a chance to hear many of the tracks on it (plus a couple from her US Victor releases). An additional bonus: a chance to hear some of the non-EH sides from her 1930 Brazilian 78s. For example, Januário de Oliveira singing "Tristeza" (the A-side of EH's "Macumbagelê.")

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